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Sharepoint Hosting
Web Database Conversion Service

Watch how we convert your Access 2010 Database to a Web Database.

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MUST Migrates Your Existing Access Databases

MUST Products are Helping Businesses Around the World Translate Access Databases to SQL Server, .Net, Azure and Sharepoint

Our tools are the best value for money upsizing products with the highest translation rate available on the market:

  • Powerful self-contained Access Application has no impact to working environments, perfect for working with clients and commissioning on-site.

  • Designed by developers, for developers. This tool informs the user of all relevant changes that need to be made to ensure migration is successful.

  • Use MUST to easily propose upsizing to prospective clients by quickly running their existing application through the tool.

  • MUST automatically translates queries. No other migration product offers this capability; our conversion rate has proved up to 94.6%.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all MUST product purchases.

MUST Unique Features

MUST+SQL Additional Features

MUST+WEB Additional Features

See what our users tell us about the benefits and real advantages of MUST for database developers: Customer Testimonials

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